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Best Dang Brush - Dixie Belle Paint



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Dispenses uniform amounts of wax or paint.
Special rounded brush.
Made with PET filament and natural bristle. The PET filament is a common form of polyester synthetic fiber which does not absorb moisture but can absorb oil. The PET does not swell significantly in water, so tips stay fine to prevent brush marks in water-based paint.
The Natural blend bristles split naturally which makes them designed to pick up, hold and distribute paints and can speed up painting.
The soft flexibility of natural blend bristle brushes helps to apply a thin, even layer of paint reducing streaks and distributes paint evenly.
The Best Dang Brush can be easily cleaned with warm water and a grease-cutting soap. If you are using the Best Dang Brush with Best Dang Wax, make sure to clean your brush well with soap and water.
Approximately 2" round and 9.5" long.